Self-defense classes are conducted over a single weekend or over two weekday afternoons. Classes are taught by martial arts specialists who volunteer for Fight Back. The main disciplines used are Aikido and Krav Maga.


Fight Back also offers self-development workshops for the young women we coach in self-defense classes. These workshops aim to teach young women how to harness their potential and value their individual selves.


We also donate deterrent mechanisms such as pepper spray and tazers to assist women in their everyday safety. We also connect women to the resources they may need, should they have undergone a traumatic experience.


Workshops in Lavender Hill, Cape Flats
Fight Back SA pins and merchandise
Workshop with Great Girls at the New World Foundation
Driving through one of the areas worst affected by gansterism and crime in the Western Cape, the Cape Flats
Official Fight Back SA Logo
Fight Back SA Anti-Rape Workshop Competition
Anti-Rape Workshop in partnership with True Krav Cape Town
Fight Back SA convened the Gathering Against Gender Based Violence at Parliament
Fight Back SA brought 20 000 South Africans together to protest the rise in GBV in our country
UCT Workshop in memory of Uyinene Mrwetyana
Posters left by our gathering at the Louis Botha statue at Parliament
Teaching young women free self defense classes in the areas that need it most